Planting Grass Seed For A Green Yard


Each year lots of people turn their attention to their back yards and start the process of planting grass seed in hope of having a green yard before too long. Whether you are starting a new lawn or just filling in some bare spots in an existing lawn there are some things you can do to assure that your grass seed will grow. It does not take much skill to grow a healthy lawn but it does require a fair bit of patience for your grass to reach its full beauty. Here are some tips for growing a green yard:

Lots of Water: The most important thing to do when you start growing your lawn is that it will need lots of water. You will definitely need a long hose and a sprinkler or sprayer. If it does not rain each day you will want to give your lawn at least 15 to 25 minutes of water. This video will show you the quickest way to plant grass seed with just a shovel, a rake and some soil and grass seed.

Keep Traffic Off It: Many people rope off an area around where they are growing grass in an effort to prevent the new grass seed from being trampled by careless walkers and animals. Other than not watering your grass, crushing on new grass is an almost certain way to destroy your grass. New grass seed needs to be be left alone and not trampled on while it is starting to sprout.

Mow Your Lawn Sparingly: Grass needs an opportunity to grow strong and healthy before you mow it down. While cutting your grass does make it look neater, it is important to remember that you need to let your grass become healthy before you mow it for the first time. Of course when you do cut your lawn you should use a higher setting on your lawn mower so that your grass can become thick and green. Sometimes grass grow too fast and in those situations you should learn how to mow high grass.

It’s easy to have the yard of your dreams if you are willing to dedicate some time and effort on a regular basis. To grow a healthy lawn you only need to spend two to three hours a week watering and mowing it. The first time you try to grow grass you might need to buy some simple gardening tools such as a lawn mower.

A big part of keeping your yard green and lush is keeping out the broadleaf weeds before they become too much of an issue. There are lots of ways to kill dandelions, but only a few select ways actually work well.